We help bold companies create and innovate
products and services better and faster. 

And as a two times selected official Sprint Facilitator by the Danish Design
Center with experience from more than 20 Sprints we are amongst the
leading agencies in Denmark to do this.

A Sprint is a powerful and challenging way to boost innovation. Wheather it
is about bringing new ideas to life, improving existing services, or soving
critical business problems, a Sprint will compress work that would usually
take months into days.

We practice both the ‘classic’ 5-days Sprint methodology and the 4-days
‘GV2’ updated Sprint format made by Jake Knapp, whom has also trained us.

The GV2 format is an updated format of the classic Design Sprint with the
main difference being that the GV2 is one day shorter. This is possible
due to a different disposition of the activities however, leading to the same
outcome at the end; the prototype and the testing this.

The one day shorter fomat has proven it’s strenght in numerous runs and it
works particually well for companies where time is a limited ressource.

If you wish to know more about Design Sprints please reach out and we’ll
be happy to meet and elaborate on the matter.