Teaching next-generation designers to design new business models

How do you create a new ice cream business in the food sector? Who should living spaces made from recycled containers address? What are the services of a sustainable industry organization? And how does a classic Danish furniture house re-brand itself in the circular industry?

At the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, students have worked with questions like these on the common module “Strategic design”, which Permanent Beta has helped to develop from scratch. Over the last four years, we have taught and guided the students in understanding and applying the Business Model Canvas to real companies that the students each year work with as cases.

The collaboration with KADK has now furthermore expanded to include several other courses both on Bachelor level, Candidate level and at the school’s Professional program. We are extremely proud to have taught, guided and trained several generations of future designers in strategic design and design methods for business innovation and process design.

More than 500 students have over the last four years learned how to use the business model canvas in conjunction with design thinking for business innovation resulting in collaboration with around 50 companies who have benefitted from new ways of seeing their business.