Building an internal culture of design thinkers

At Permanent Beta we are always proud of working with the best and brightest companies. NNIT is one of these being a global IT solutions provider with offices in Denmark, China, Philipines, Chech Republic, Switzerland and the United States. As a fast-moving IT-company, Digital Transformation, of course, is high on the agenda. Both internally and for the clients which count some of Denmarks biggest companies.

As a prerequisite for thinking digital out of the box, NNIT’s innovation capabilities have been strengthened by amongst other things training employees in Design Thinking. Design Thinking can play a serious role in reframing problems and transforming challenges into possibilities and value creators. Also applying a more customer-centric approach with pre- and prototyping already before specifications is an important step in the direction of creating a more explorative and innovative culture in a corporate setting.

Permanent Beta is the selected partner of NNIT on building Design Thinking competences, mindsets, and tools. We work with, train and apply Design Thinking on NNITs people and projects – fueling a cultural shift towards Innovation and Digital Transformation with Design Thinking.