Using technology to create the best passenger experience and increase business

So, you’re on your way to the airport. And you definitely want to be there in time to get through security and reach the gate prior to boarding. The thing is; Passengers basically go to the airport to leave it…

CPH Airport is an ambitious enterprise with more than 80.000 passengers daily. The airport, of course, is a hub connecting people to flights and all the logistics in between. But it’s more than that. It’s an experience. And it’s a business.

In fact, CPH is one of the most effective airports in the world, and as it turns out also one of the coziest thanks to a continued focus on the passenger’s experience. Much has already been done.

For CPH Airports the new question is how to go beyond efficiency in smarter and more digital ways. “How might we use technology to create the best customer experience for passengers and at the same time increase business?”.

Permanent Beta together with our partner NNIT was invited to facilitate a session to fuel ideas and identify opportunities where technology could increase the airport experience for the passengers and advance the business potential for CPH.

Needless to say; Many scenarios were drafted and important takeaways came out of the workshop. It is clear that even a front runner like CPH Airports can use technology to advance its position and make the pre-flight customer journey an even better experience.