For years, the answer to most problems have been optimization.
Now, the answer seems to be innovation. There are however numerous
pitfalls in embracing this, making implementation not so straight forward.
And that’s where we come into the picture…

We believe business and organizations are in a permanent state of beta and should be constantly developed in humancentric and smarter ways. Design-driven innovation is a fantastic approach for rapid end-user focused development whether it is refueling your brand, improving customer experience, or developing new products and services. It’s all about redefining business as usual, understanding the needs of future users and exploring opportunities. This is why more and more organizations acknowledge the benefits of agile methodologies, customer experience, and exploration. However, up to 90% fail and crash in adopting innovation in their corporate setup. If you are interested in exploring how the 10% who succeed actually did it you’ve come to the right place.

Permanent Beta is a design & innovation consultancy helping businesses and organizations gain industry leadership with design and product innovation. We are rooted in design thinking and business strategy and we where amongst the first design agency that merges design methods with business tools in a fully integrated process. Our method is explorative, iterative and highly engaging at a fast pace with value creation at heart. Permanent Beta work within five areas, which are often combined:

Training  –  Learn how to use Design thinking, design sprints, and the business model canvas.
Design Sprints  –  Take your products from idea to prototype and test in just 5 days.
Innovation  –  Create and scale corporate innovation to become part of your company’s DNA.
Brand building  –  Stand out with a strong brand position and make your business grow.
Communication  –  Be visible with the right message in the right media at the right time.

Within these areas, we provide the full range of services.
Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about how we work and help our clients grow.


Claus Gramstrup

Partner, Senior strategic design consultant

I am a specialist in business development, brand and design management as well as Touch Point Management. I and have developed strategies and solutions for a number of Denmark’s largest companies and driven business development and branding & design Boosts for a myriad of small and medium-sized owner-leaded companies.

I work with a cross-organizational and holistic business perspective and develop strategies and action plans for optimizing enterprise products, services, systems and processes, including optimization of sales through the development of relational networks. I have more than 40 years of professional experience, of which I in more than 20 years have had my own design company. I work as a professional board member in several smaller companies and have taken the CBS Executive Board training. Occasionally, I am used as guest lecturer on business development, brans and design management, visual identity, as well as customer experiences at CBS, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding Design School, Cph Business etc.

Pho.  +45 2427 8704
Mail  claus@permanentbeta.dk

Uri Andersen

Managing partner, Senior design thinking consultant

I have been working with design, strategy, and communication for 20 years. First, as design do’er with graphic design, branding and communication design in my own award-winning agency. Then as design thinker with innovation, digital transformation, and business development.

So, nowadays I work as a consultant and designer in the field of innovation with capability building, strategy and business development. I was among the first to take the Business Model Canvas to Denmark, which I have now trained over 1.000 people in. I am engaged in using strategic design thinking as a tool for innovation and business development driving new services and customer experience. This is unfolded through lectures and talks in Design Thinking as well as in concrete development processes and projects with clients. My background is from the Danish Design School, Copenhagen Business School, and the IT-University. In addition, an extensive curriculum of training within facilitation, coaching, Design Sprints, Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking etc.

Pho.  +45 2834 0060
Mail  uri@permanentbeta.dk

Jacob Hage

Associated partner, Senior UX consultant

I help clients discover, design, and develop delightful digital products. In short: I make fluffy stuff more tangible!

Jacob Hage is a senior consultant and specialist in running innovation and design processes. Jacob has experience from digital agencies, large-scale companies and as an independent consultant. Jacob has worked with business modeling, product, and business development, for both startups and some of the country’s largest companies. Among his strengths is the ability to quickly understand a complex situation, the ability to visualize and validate a future product, service or customer relationship. Professionally, Jacob has a leg solidly planted in the user-centered approach from Design Thinking and a leg planted in the agile world. Jacob Hage is an agile coach, warmly advocating Lean Startup and Lean UX and accustomed to improving collaboration and performance among individuals and teams.

Pho.  +45 2199 6594
Mail  jacob@permanentbeta.dk

Peter Nørregård

Associated partner, Senior innovation consultant

I bridge “solving the right problem” and “solving the problem right” with an empathetic and human-centered design toolbox. Peter Nørregård has 15 years of experience in innovation, design and business development. He has successfully completed tasks both as a driver for concrete product and service development, as well building competencies and organizational capacity in design and innovation. The tasks always move between strategic intent and concrete value creation, and Peter’s focus always is on business value creation in the sphere of digital potential, human needs, as well as organizational and business opportunities. Peter has a particular focus on incorporating the human focus in innovation and development processes and is aware of the ethical perspectives that new digital options bring to the table. In addition to consulting, Peter Nørregård teaches design methods and processes, innovation and strategic product development, including Aarhus University, ITU and CBS.

Pho.  +45 2617 7919
Mail  peter@permanentbeta.dk